Mama Needs Wine – Grocery Store Adventures

Mama Needs Wine – Grocery Store Adventures

You know that family that you see in the grocery store and think to yourself, “Oh, man, I hope that’s never me”… well… today that was me! It was Monday afternoon, I had just picked our daughter up from daycare and was driving home when I got a text from Hubby that said, “At grocery store, you should meet us here”. My first thought, “What the ‘F’ are you doing grocery shopping at 5 pm?”, and my second thought, “What the ‘F’ have you been doing all day that you are just getting to the grocery store now?”. Lucky for him I wasn’t feeling that well, and pretty tired from our crazy busy weekend, so I shrugged it off and made the detour towards the store.

My daughter had already had a rough day at daycare, not listening or behaving very well, so it was a risky move taking her into a grocery store. Sometimes as a parent you don’t make the smartest decisions when you’re also tired.

Nudge to the Bottle

After 30 minutes of the four of us wandering very randomly between the aisles, shit hit the metaphorical fan. Our son, who was sitting in the cart, starting grabbing and shaking everything he could reach… half the time dropping or throwing the item on the floor (meaning we bought a bag of crumbs instead of chips!). Our daughter, who was previously pushing the cart with our son in it… running into innocent by-standers, was now running up and down the aisles yelling, “Mom… Dad… Mom… STUFFIES!!!!… Look at this stuffy, can I have this stuffy? I really like this stuffy? Look how pretty this one is! I have this stuffy mom! Can you buy me this one? I don’t have this one yet…. STUFFIES!!!” (After I’m done writing this ‘Mama Needs Wine’, I will be writing a letter to the grocery store association—if it even exists—to ask why they insist on torturing poor unsuspecting parents with the strategically placed ‘Stuffy’ displays throughout the stores).

The only thing that saved us, was that Hubby and I were in the same mood—relaxed, laid-back, and NOT hangry—let’s just say both of our patience tanks were full.

We finally reached the check-out, and I looked at Hubby, “We need wine!”. He was tasked with a trip to the SLGA with strict instructions: don’t come home with only 1 bottle. And, after a grocery store bill that would make your jaw drop—who knew a 10-month-old could eat so much—it made our options for wine very limited. We needed a parent’s budget bottle, cheap and cheerful. So, we settled on Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc.

The Nitty Gritty

This isn’t a wine that deserves kudos for its viticulture or vinification techniques—it’s pretty standard stuff (i.e. mass produced wine juice). What is special about this wine is its value. For $13 you get a well-balanced wine that offers everything you need after a grocery store disaster—crisp, cleansing, cold. Chilean Sauv Blanc tends to have more citrus notes, and less gooseberry than New Zealand Sauv Blanc. I also find it less fruit forward (i.e. dryer) which I prefer in a crisp white.

While this wine isn’t necessarily my go-to, it is in my roster of cheap and cheerful’s, and filled tonight’s need after a hilarious grocery store adventure.

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