Mama Needs Wine-Does Montreal

Hey Gang! Long time, no chat.

Sorry for being MIA the past couple months, no excuses, but I honestly don’t know where the month of June went. Where to begin? My son is now 8 months, 20 lbs, and wearing clothes meant for a toddler. My daughter is 4 going on 14, and turns out she’s a star volleyball player and likes doing dishes and cleaning up her toys (#parentingwin). And my husband… well, let’s just say I don’t think I would have made it through these past few weeks without him. I know, I know, he’s normally the target of my satirical banter, but a girls gotta hand out some ‘cred’ every now and then — so, thanks babe! By now you’re probably wondering, if I’m not going to write about my crazy kids, or my simple-minded husband, what in the world am I going to talk about to keep y’all entertained? Well, talk about my recent trip to Montreal, I guess. Hubby and I have recently signed up to be the new Area Reps for The Opimian Wine Society (yes, I’m crazy… like we need more things added to our plate). Nonetheless this is going to be an awesome opportunity to host great events and get people excited about new and different wines — sign-up here. So, for our orientation we flew to the beautiful city of Montreal… just Hubby and me… sans kids… (insert gasp here)! #MamaWANTSwine

Grab for the bottle

For those of you who know Hubby and me closely, you would automatically think “this is going to be trouble”. For those of you who don’t, let’s just say that prior to becoming parents and growing into some awesome adults we could have been coined the party king and queen. So, send us to Montreal without kids, and what happens? Only the most epic food and drink tour to take place in a 36 hour period.  Brunch at Lawrence — inclusive of a tour of their butcher shop next door, dinner at Bouillon Bilk, cocktails at Pullman, and poutine, beers, bourbon, and 100% rye CC at Lord William Pub. We had hoped to hit up Le Fantome, but they were closed. One of the highlights: Bixi! It is a public forum for bike rentals with stations all over the city. Walk up, rent a bike, bike to your location of choice, park the bike at a new station, and DONE! It was incredibly convenient and hilariously fun. See mental picture of Hubby biking through old Montreal in a tank top here.  But, the biggest highlight, and best part of the trip: our dinner at Bouillon Bilk, and the beautiful wine bought for us by our amazing friends — it was Guy Breton Morgon named after our son.

The Nitty Gritty

For those of you who know anything about Beaujolais, you know it’s been given a bad rap because of large production commercialized carbonic macerated Beaujolais Nouveau. But, if you know where to go, Beaujolais will be some of the most beautiful, food friendly, easy drinking yet complex, wine you will ever have… in my humble opinion. There are four Vignerons who have worked to change the face of Beaujolais for consumers and bring back true and classic Beaujolais terrior, and Guy Breton is one of them (Lapierre, Thevnet, Foillard are the others). Breton’s Morgon — the one we enjoyed at Bouillon Bilk — in no uncertain terms, was incredible! Silky, smooth, structured, full of berry fruit, spice, and lots of cherry. It took us through the whole meal, pairing perfectly to almost every dish because of how dynamic it was — great balanced acidity, structure without overbearing tannins, and fruit to contrast or compliment any of the earthly or sweet notes on the plate. Unfortunately you can’t buy it in the province, but if you hound the SLGA enough they may just locate it and order a case for you.

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