A Manly Conversation- Tales from the Man Cave Vs Jordan Welbourne

A Bicycle Gang Exclusive

The Paris of the Prairie vs The Queen City, Toontown vs The Hub City, YXE vs YQR; no matter how you spin it, the flatlands largest cities are continuously in competition with each other — however good hearted it might be. We asked two Saskatchewanite’s the best parts of their respected cities, in a versus style article, to determine once and for all which city in Saskatchewan is best.

In the North corner, fighting out of Saskatoon, is Blues Rocker Jordan Welbourne. Coming off the release of his first solo EP, ‘Reach Out’, Jordan also lists being a craft beer enthusiast, and hiking the Ukrainian countryside on his match.com profile. 

In the South corner, representing Regina, is The Bicycle Gangs own beer connoisseur Sean Anderson. When not writing his widely popular article series ‘ Tales From The Man Cave’, you can find Sean at most Rider games sitting in the rowdy section…you know the guys who have chants for every play!

BG: In 5 words describe yourself?

JW: Tall, funny, outspoken, Ukrainian, musician 

SA: Ginger, devilishly handsome, short attention span (… struggles to count…. bg) 

BG: What is your profession?

JW: Performing and Recording Musician

SA: Professional shit taker

BG: What is your greatest achievement?

JW: So far, recording my first solo EP, ‘Reach Out’. The album is truly the best recording I’ve done to date.

SA: Slurpee Chugging Champ of Regina

BG: What is the best restaurant in your city?

JW: Calories has some of the best food and wonderfully crafted dishes in this city!

SA: This is a tough question. For best pub food I would say Leo’s, best ethnic would be Caraway, Siam or Spices of Punjab but for best food I would say Crave

BG: What is your favourite dive bar?

JW: Buds on Broadway – it’s a second home for me!

SA: Leo’s OG  

BG: Where is your favourite place to see a show?

JW: So dependant on a number of things. My go to would be to say Buds on Broadway because of how well I know the stage and can get a real sense of the raw ability and sound of a band. But the right crew, band, and performance can make any venue great. I’ve seen fantastic shows at Amigos, The Capitol and Orrin’s in Saskatoon.

SA: Is The State/District still open? Doris Knight Hall?

BG: Where is the best place you’ve travelled?

JW: Close tie between the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and Texas.

SA: Seoul, South Korea

BG: What is your favourite local beer?

JW: My favourite Saskatoon beer (right now) is Prairie Sun Brewery’s Harvest Moonkin. My favourite Saskatchewan wide beer is Black Bridge Breweries Double IPA.

SA: Malty National Magic Robot is delicious but Black Bridge Milk Stout is probably the best regularly available beer in the Province  

BG: What is the best beer or rarest beer you’ve ever enjoyed?

JW: Ooo… When I was in Montreal in April I had the opportunity to try Dieu Du Ciel’s Péché Mortel, an Imperial Coffee Stout. It was amazing, definitely the best beer I’ve ever had.

SA: Four Winds Nectarous is something 

BG: What is your cities great achievement- in your mind?

JW: Saskatoon really shines when it comes to our music scene. Take away any ideas of cliques or genre preferences, and our scene is just booming. Lots of music and lots of creativity, which is really great. I mean, we have so many clubs that are constantly putting on shows and that’s really a treat for such a small city. We also have a supportive bar industry when it comes to hosting local beer options (props to Louis’ Pub, which has an ALL-Saskatchewan tap selection). The University is really picturesque and historically significant to the development of the city’s identity.

SA: Winning the 2013 Roughrider Grey Cup was amazing.

BG:Who has the better sports team?

JW: This is treasonous, but as much as I love the Riders, The Rush and Tourism Saskatoon did feature my song ‘Marathon’ in one of their videos, so….

SA: See above… Not even close even with the Rush included 

BG: Who makes the better Musicans? Regina or Saskatoon? And name a few!

JW: Now this is completely based off of generalizations, but what is so cool about Saskatoon and Regina’s individual scenes are the types of musicians they produce! Saskatoon has yielded some quite amazing blues and blues-rock guitar players, such as Shaun Verreault, Jordan Cook, and Tim Vaughan. Regina creates successful indy groups, like Library Voices and Rah-Rah (notable mentions to Saskatooners Autopilot, Close Talker and Young Benjamins). And both scenes have a really tightly-knitted metal scene. That’s probably the coolest thing about metal: the scene. I have really never witnessed a music scene that is as supportive or one another as the metal scenes are. So really, it depends what you’re looking for and what your tastes are.

SA: Regina because The Waltons, Jack Semple, Colin James and my pal Alex Runions (shameless shout out). Mostly I say Regina because I don’t know enough about Saskatoon musicians though.

BG: What is the best part of the other’s City 

JW: I love Dewdney Ave. The strip where you have Bushwakker, Rebellion, Durty Nelly’s, Sawchyn Guitars, all in a short span. It’s just so many of my favourite places in such a short span. The Ukrainian Co-Op and Atlantis Coffee are also must-stops every time I come through Regina!

SA: Saskatoon is way ahead of Regina when it comes to restaurants
You can catch Jordan Welbourne tonight at Summer Invasion in Wascana Park, and at the after party at Durty Nelly’s. Check out his website for tour dates, swag and music.
Stay tuned for more from Sean Anderson and his beverage reviews on “Tales From the Man Cave”

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