From Family Matters to Fix. Coffee

An entrepreneur by definition is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business, and assumes all the risks and rewards of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. When The Bicycle Gang sat down with Nicole Siemens (and sister Brittani Zielinski) of Fix. Coffee, making an entreprenurial splash was clearly on her mind. Very pregnant…we mean very! Nicole walked us through the evolution of Regina’s newest favourite coffee shop, and the importance of family in its completion and ongoing success.

Back story
Canora, Saskatchewan — a dusty prairie town, originally a hub for the railroad, as so many prairie towns were in the early days. Canora’s name was derived from the first two letters in Canadian Northern Railroad. An often romantic notion comes to mind when you think of how this town, close to the Manitoba border got its name. Picture a steam train pulling into the station, ladies in victorian dresses and parasols fill the platform, loud noises and billowing smoke fills the air. You can almost hear the station attendant yell “Welcome to Canora”. B.D. Willoughby if you are reading this you can definietly use the idea for your next album.

Funny enough, Canora is now known for having the best drinking water in Canada, which makes it a perfect beginning for our coffee story. And in case you are wondering, water samples are available at the CN Station House Museum during the summer months. How cute!

The Zielinski clan’s coffee ideals run deep, almost in their genetic code. The adventure begins with a coffee shop in Canada’s water capital so aptly called “Family Matters”. An eclectic space shared between a second-hand furniture store and a meeting space for the towns 2000 inhabitants. A place where the men had a yarn and the ladies clucked about the grain pricing, the rail travel, who shot the better round of golf and every other bit of town gossip. A place where one young girl learned the meaning of community and acquired the entrepreneurial spirit that is so obvious today.

Fast forward to the plan for Fix. Coffee. Nicole will be the first to admit she is no coffee expert. Rather, it was the potential she saw for the space, and the opportunity to contribute to the small business community in Regina that drove her to open her shop. Armed with small town charm and big city drive, Nicole reached into her battery of support, aka her family, to fulfil the dream. As her youngest sister Megan expertly pulled us a shot of espresso, Nicole introduced us to her middle sister, manager, and self-proclaimed coffee nerd, Brittani, who’s managerial experience and obsession with coffee make her the perfect person to run Fix..

With the coffee department tak, Nicole hopes to focus her efforts on collaboration and community — two components of the shop she is most proud of. Nicole sees Fix. Coffee as her voice in the entrepreneur community to speak out about the things that matter, and aims to create a warm space that is inclusive to all patrons popping in for a Latte or a bite to eat. Fix. offers a risk-free environment for artists to showcase their work, and provides inclusive gender-neautral washrooms that support everyone, including dads with children (change tables in all washrooms) and the LGBT community. Wherever possible, Nicole supports local businesses like Local&Fresh, Glow Juicery and Caliber Coffee, and sees Fix. as a hub to facilitate collaboration with emerging and established businesses.

Fix. Coffee opened this spring on Rose Street, in Regina’s re-emerging downtown core. Stop by any day of the week for a delicious cup of locally-roasted coffee and a locally-produced snack. You are sure to see at least one of the Zielinski girls, who will greet you with a charming smile and make you feel like you are “one of the gang” the second you walk in!







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