Tales from the Man Cave Vol. 2- Malty National Magic Robot

How to Build a Deck…

Tarps off fellas! The man cave got a patio! (I’ve been watching too much Letterkenny lately.) That’s right, I put on my big boy pants and built a deck… Well I helped my brother build a deck but who’s keeping track? This means I have a place to cook meat, drink beer, and burn my ginger skin and I couldn’t be happier. This weekend was a scorcher so it was time to throw some smokies on the grill, sunscreen up and get a nice afternoon glow. Even my wife was in the spirit and gently told me to hurry up picking up the keg cause she needed a beer. I’m someone who appreciates an ice cold Coors light — I’m not a beer snob, Coors light has a purpose — on a sunny day, but christening my deck called for something special and I found it. So what beer was good enough to be chosen for such an important occasion you ask? Malty National Magic Robot.

The Drink and Who Made it!

For those that don’t know, Malty National is Regina’s newest brewery. They can be found sharing counter space with 33 1/3 coffee that you may remember from such online magazine videos as this one. Malty National is a tiny brewery pumping out some of the tastiest beers around. I honestly don’t know how they are able to get so much flavour into their beers. They also make great beers with lower alcohol levels so you can enjoy 1, 2 or 10. The latest offering Magic Robot is a wheat beer reminiscent of unfiltered Belgium wheat that are currently being crushed on patios around the world. It’s got a ton of citrus flavours with a hoppy finish that makes it’s extremely refreshing. I’ve noticed a finesse in the use of hops from Malty National that I haven’t found elsewhere. You get the flavours of the hop but not much of the bitterness. The biggest problem with Malty National is trying to get some of their beer. They are small batch and they sell out quick. Get down to Malty National and get a growler filled of whatever beer they are selling, you won’t regret it.

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