A Conversation with Earl Pereira of The Steadies

Photo By Nicole Romanoff

If you are looking for a great summer album, look no further than Saskatoon Island Rockers The Steadies’ new album Love Revolution. This up-tempo, easy listening mix of rock, pop and reggae will fit easily on a patio or in your car (trust us — we’ve been blaring it with the windows rolled down).

Fronted by Earl Pereira, who you might remember from another Saskatoon band called Wide Mouth Mason (back when Much Music actually played music!). He left the band in the mid 2000’s to concentrate on his own projects. Originally known as Mobadass, the band tour under this name until their third self-titled EP The Steadies. Named after their original Rock-Steady style of music, a combination of rock, pop and reggae, Love Revoultion is their 5th studio album.

The Bicycle Gang recently took in one of The Steadies shows at Durty Nellies in Regina, and got chatting with front man Earl Pereira. A very gracious performer, Earl was as comfortable on the stage as he was sitting with us between sets. Keep reading to find out who Earl’s favorite super hero is and what Dentyne Ice Intense means to him. You can catch The Steadies live on Z99 Friday, June 24 at 5pm, or in Wascana Park for two shows on July 9th for Summer Invasion.

BG: Tell us who’s Earl Pereira is…really?

EP:I grew up the youngest of five in a musical Filipino household, and I’m the only member of my family born in Canada. I’ve had a passion for music and entertaining since I was a child and that passion became a 20-year career. I believe life is all about experiences, and I plan to travel the world and try to make a difference by helping others and spreading love through music. Basically my entire existence has revolved around music haha.

BG: What is one question that journalists never ask you, but should?

EP: Who is your favourite superhero and why? (Batman because he’s Batman).

BG: How has being an artist from Saskatoon impacted your music career?

EP: I am a very proud Saskatonian, and being based here my whole life I’ve felt like I’ve kinda grown up with the city. Touring the world as a young recording artist, it was always nice to come home to stay grounded when success starting happening. Now my career has evolved into various other roles as well: mentor, producer, and a performance coach for up-and-coming artists. By staying homegrown I feel respected and a part of the community and hopefully I can keep inspiring others to realize you can be from a small place and achieve big dreams.

BG: Tell us about The Steadies?

EP: The band is made up of myself on bass and vocals, Justin Lee on guitar and Lexie Miller on the drums, and we all love good food and kung-fu. We made up our own genre and called it island rock: dance + rock + reggae. We are a classic power trio with an infectiously energetic modern hybrid sound, who thrives off making people move and feel good. There’s no way you won’t have fun at a Steadies show.

BG: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

EP: I guess I’m a bit of a romantic. I like when the guy gets the girl in the end, like Lloyd Dobbler in the movie Say Anything.

BG: You have a very dynamic stage presence with the Steadies, is it always fun performing?

EP: It is for me ’cause I think it’s the best job in the world.

BG: What is one thing you can’t go on stage without?

EP: Dentyne Intense gum. Has to be THAT gum. It’s my diva rockstar neccesity. Lasts forever, great for staying salivated without needing water and small so you won’t choke lol.

BG: Where is your favourite place to perform in Saskatchewan?

EP: Bess Gardens. I’ve seen Lauryn Hill and played with Ziggy Marley there. Some of my favourite shows of all time have been there. Love the atmosphere, and views from the stage facing the castle-like hotel and the riverbank behind is amazing.

BG: What does the future look like for Earl Pereira?

EP: A lot of international touring and traveling to establish the band worldwide and release at least six more albums over the next 10 years. I’d love to have a home on a beach eventually, wake up to the ocean and make music!

BG: What inspired you when building “Love Revolution”?

EP: Seeing, hearing, and reading about all of the terrible events that happened around the world last year and wanting do my part which was to write a song that could inspire love for oneself and for others.

BG: The apocalypse is imminent, you can see one last show, who would it be and where?

EP: The Wailers (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer) at Radio City Music Hall New York 1973 tied with The Police at Shea Stadium New York 1984.

BG: What is your post show beverage?

EP: Tequila shots and plenty of water lol.

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