Tales From The Man Cave -Black Rye IPA

Tales from the Man Cave

I like sports. I like playing sports, watching sports, and arguing about sports. I grew up with four older brothers, so some might say I am a tiny bit competitive (two time “Most-competitive award” champ at work. BOO-YA!). Playing sports helps me get some of those competitive juices out in an acceptable way instead of yelling at co-workers or my wife. Even more important to me than not alienating co-workers and having a chilly night on the couch is the social aspect of sports. Sports are the great gatherer of men with like-minds to have a few drinks and yell random stats at each other. This is why I built a man cave.

The drink

I have a tap in my basement which has created a bit of a dilemma when choosing beers. My wife likes stouts and porters, but my friends enjoy a hoppy IPA. Now I am someone who subscribes to the “happy wife, happy life” motto but I am also a people pleaser. This means I typically have to commit to either pleasing my wife or my friends (I just like beer). This is where the Black Bridge Black Rye IPA comes in. Black Bridge Brewery’s seasonal offering Black Rye IPA is the perfect combination of the dark chocolate and molasses malt flavours of a robust porter and the refreshing aroma and bitterness of an imperial IPA. This brew has an IBU of 96.5 which puts it on the high end of bitter even for an IPA but with the roasted malt balance it doesn’t torch the palate. It results in a smooth and complex beer that can make me a hero to my friends and more importantly makes my beautiful wife happy (I am not above shameless ass kissing).

Who made it

If you are not familiar with Black Bridge it is a micro brewery pumping out incredibly tasty beers out of the booming metropolis of Swift Current.

If you are in Swift Current or most quality pubs in Regina you can sample some Black Bridge suds. You might even get lucky and snag one of the last few pints of the Black Rye IPA floating around the province.

“Tales From The Man Cave” is a new series to The Bicycle Gang, by Sean Anderson. Mr. Anderson –  a man about town- shares his love for sports, eat and drink. Stay tuned to hear Sean’s pick, antics and possible sports bet options.

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