Collaboration, Community and Coffee

By now the majority of you have no doubt had the pleasure of experiencing 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters. At least we sure hope so!

While the physical shop — located in a shared space in the Heritage area of Regina — has only been open since January of this year, Eric Galbraith has been blessing the city with his ethically-sourced, locally-roasted beans at the Regina Farmers’ Market and local cafes for well over a year. An unassuming, community-focused fellow driven by a desire to do the best and live amongst the best, Eric is precisely the kind of person we created the Bicycle Gang for!

In the spirit of community and collaboration, we sent Josh McLean (Glow Juicery and Mera Wine) and Brittany Reid (Glow Juicery) to 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters – Heritage Cafe to chat with Eric about his coffee journey and the influence that passion and collaboration are having on the small business community of Regina.


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