AYSA Glass

If you are anything like me, your partner regularly threatens moving out each time you bring home another fancy, geometrical, holder-of-cute-things for your coffee table. I can admit I have a slight habit of buying the occasional unnecessary accessory for our house. Perhaps we don’t need the seven throw pillows on the couch we don’t use in the basement, or the six vases of fake grassy stuff on our mantel. But I do believe that a few exceptional pieces go a long way in making your home feel comfortable and look great.

Though I have been known to buy a few cheap, trendy trinkets — most of which end up on the Varagesale FREE page — my favourite pieces are the ones that come from people and companies I believe in. This leads me to my latest obsession: AYSA Glass terrariums. Handcrafted locally out of 100% recycled glass and customized to order, these terrariums provide a perfect home for your fuss-free succulents and will instantly turn your room into a page out of a West Elm catalogue.

Alyssa Shaver — AYSA Glass’ founder and loan artist — is a Regina-based student and plant enthusiast who has been designing and crafting terrariums for four years. Her love of plants and obsession with European stained glass has inspired her to create glass pieces for plants that are both fashionable and functional.

Alyssa’s desire to learn the process and craft of glasswork was largely sparked by an attraction to traditional stained glass, and facilitated by her aunt who shared her supplies and knowledge of the craft.

“I love that there is a mix of everything with stained glass; it involves design, art, and math. At times, it can be mindless and therapeutic, while other times it can be challenging and requires critical thinking and problem solving. I am always learning and improving my craft. It is important to me that by creating terrariums, I am able to share my interests in plants and stained glass with others. I also love being able to collaborate with others on planting their terrariums.”

Alyssa draws much of her inspiration from the colours and shapes she encounters in her day-to-day life. She challenges herself to take risks and explore the many possibilities that present themselves during her process. “I think the pieces that become my favourites are the ones that I’ve tried something different with,” says Alyssa, “this way, I can be flexible and work with the flow of the piece. Sometimes, the pieces that make me want to rip my hair out while I’m making them, in the end become my favourites too.”

Whether you are lover of plants, glasswork, local businesses, or just in need of a killer piece for your coffee table, I encourage you to check out AYSA Glass. This spring/summer, look for Alyssa’s work at Wascana Flower Shoppe and Sunny Days Pop Up. Pieces can also be ordered directly by contacting Alyssa at aysaglassworks@gmail.com


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