Mama Needs Wine Vol 5 – Pink Bubbles

Do you ever feel like jumping off a bridge when you hear the word “mom”? No? just me… well shit. Tonight is one of those nights that I’m questioning if wine is strong enough to quiet the tiny voices: “mom… I pooped… mom…where are the scissors…mom…where is my princess backpack… mom… can you bring a face cloth… mom… I need some water… mom… can you look at this spot…”

I love motherhood – I love everything about it – enter caveat here… but!! Sometimes you just go a little squirrely when you hear your name called 50+ times in an hour. .

Nudge to the Bottle

So… tonight, I’m going a little squirrely. Between my daughter talking chatty Kathy under the table – with the majority of her conversation being questions that start with “mom” – my husband walking around the house in circles randomly with no purpose or reason, and my son barfing in my mouth when I tried to kiss him… MAMA NEEDS WINE!!

This was an occasion that called for a not-so-everyday kinda wine! Billiot Rose champagne it is! No, I do not normally have this stocked in my ‘cellar’, it just so happened I had a bottle tucked away for an upcoming special occasion (someone please remind me to head to Willow Park tomorrow to replace the bottle I’m drinking right now).

The Nitty Gritty

Henri Billiot Rose is THE best champagne available in the province. It’s my favourite not only because it’s delicious, but it holds a special place in my heart as the champagne I bought for my husband as a wedding gift, and his 30th birthday – yes, my husband loves pink bubbly wine!

Billiot Rose is grower’s champagne. This means that unlike the large champagne houses that buy their grapes from growers all over the region, Billiot grows and bottles their own juice. Complete control = increased quality at a great price. The estate is five hectares of Grand Cru vineyards located in Ambonnay (translation: best quality in champagne region). This champagne gets scooped up by enthusiasts everywhere seeking Grand Cru bubbles at entry-level pricing.

The vineyards have been in the Billiot family since the early 1900’s. Fun fact – Billiot sold their grapes to Moet & Chandon, until Henri Billiot (grandson of the founder) created Champage H.Billiot et Fils when he inherited the vineyards.

You won’t find a nicer champagne on the market for this kind of price point. These bubbles scream strawberry, white peach, and candied citrus wrapped in the most delicious raisin bread you’ve ever tasted. If you taste this champagne and are disappointed you don’t know what good wine is, so go back to the SLGA and buy some Cupcake!! Available at Willow Park Wines and Spirits for $68


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