A Conversation with Colter Wall

The Bicycle Gang recently spoke with Speedy Creeks- rising star musician Colter Wall. Colter’s youth is not reflected in his mature and gripping song writing abilities. His words and deep vocals take you back to a bygone era, where songs were meant to tell a story. In the infancy of his career he has already garnered the attention of rock superstar Gene Simmons and mega producer Rick Rubin. The consummate entertainer — he was recently on Canadian tour with local group Nick Faye & The Deputies, and is now touring south of the border with country’s outlaw-prince Shooter Jennings. Check out Colter’s website for music and tour dates.


BG: Tell us who Colter Wall is? 

CW: Just a dude who drives around too much and tries to write songs to keep from going crazy.


BG: Where did your music journey begin?

CW: I suppose the very beginning would’ve been when I was 12 or 13 years old and I decided I wanted to play the guitar. I soon found out I wasn’t much of lead guitar player and as time went on my interested shifted to songwriting.


BG: You are music and writing is very mature for a young man, where do you gain inspiration?

CW: A lot of things really. Obviously I’m inspired by the artists I love and my musical heroes. But inspiration for me can come from almost anything — feelings, visuals, phrases, people, current events, history, stories, poetry, the list goes on.


BG: You have been featured in some high profile events, most notably Rick Rubin’s Grammy Party in LA this year. Tell us how these experiences are shaping your career?

CW: Well I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to have some good things happen to me this year. Which isn’t to say I haven’t worked my ass off, cause I have and I do. But a lot of things seemed to have timed themselves out for the best I guess. I’ve really only been at this for nearly two years so I consider myself lucky to have these opportunities such as the Rubin Grammy thing. I’m not sure what these types of things will spell out for my “career”or my future to be honest. They might not mean anything at all. For now I’m just trying to take it in stride and keep creating meaningful and genuine art.


BG: What is the best thing about being a musician?

CW: This is probably a stereotypical answer but being able to do what you love for a living is truly a blessing. Creating things and witnessing people connect with it in their own way, self-expression, all that.


BG: What is the worst thing about being a musician?

CW: Well I don’t know if anyone’s aware of this but it’s not necessarily easy to make money as a musician. If you’re serious about doing it you sort of have to blow everything else in your life off, which I’ll admit is liberating but daunting and sort of insane.


BG: What is one thing you can’t go on tour without- besides your guitar?

CW: My Stetson hat.


BG: Where is your favorite place to play a show?

CW: That’s a tough one. I have a soft spot for the Lyric Theatre in my home town of Swift Current. I cut my teeth on the stage. It’s easily one of my favourites.


BG: How do explain Saskatchewan, to someone who has never been here?

CW: Like North Dakota with less damn bugs. Like Alberta only flatter. And other shitty joke explanations.


BG: The Apocalypse is eminent, where would you play your final show?

CW: Probably the old quarter in Houston TX if it’s still around.


BG: What do you think is Saskatchewan’s hidden Gem?

CW: Cypress hills for sure. Easily my favourite spot in SK


BG: Tell us your favorite joke!

CW: Any joke that’s made at the expense of politicians is good in my book for obvious reasons.

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