Be Major Music- A Conversation with Elias Lengé

The Bicycle Gang recently had the privilege of chatting with music producer, and new Regina transplant, Elias Lengé of Be Major Music. We got to the bottom of why he chose to plant roots in our prairie city, what kind of super-hero he would be, and what 2016 looks like for music in our neck of the world.  

BG: First, how did you end up in Regina?
EL: Regina has a small-town magic unlike other places that I’ve visited. There are several opportunities in Regina for anyone willing to see them, and roll up their sleeves and get to work. I’m willing to do both. I chose to be here for several reasons, some professional some personal. I’ve been here for 1 year and 10 months it has been interesting. I had job offers in other cities but ultimately I chose to be in Regina.

BG:  Who is Elias Lengé? What is your story?
EL: Elias Lengé is a Music Producer from London England. He learned the ins and outs of the music industry as an intern at EMI Music, the legendary U.K. music label, whilst getting his degree from the London College of Music. He secured a second internship at a London-based music PR firm working in public relations by day and playing shows by night. His experience grew further working as a music producer in New York with up-and-coming talents who today lead successful careers. The recession in Europe prompted Ellie to seek new opportunities elsewhere. He now lives and works in Regina, scouting for and developing music stars-in-the-making.

BG: What surprises you the Most about our Prairie City?
EL: The opportunity, the friendliness, and the super cold weather.

BG: What is your single greatest achievement thus far?
EL: My single greatest achievement would be being the proud co-founder of the record label Be Major Music. I get to help musicians pursue their dreams, and exercise my music talents at the same time. It’s hard work but it’s a job I love to do.

BG: Tell us about Be Major Music?
EL: Be Major Music is a record label that exists to discover, develop, and promote new and existing music talent. We offer creative services to musicians in recording, marketing, and performing music. We understand that it takes hard work, persistence, talent, a team, planning, and unwavering focus to be a star in the music industry. Everybody has heard of the “overnight success” that went viral. Often times they don’t know about the many years of hard work it took to get to that one “night”. Be Major Music is in the business of nurturing and investing in dedicated musicians who are hungry for their success. Our work ethic is to be major, we will find the next big thing.

BG: With the ability to record and distribute music so freely, how does an independent record label stay ahead of the curve?
EL: Quality. The ability to record and distribute introduces a problem of quantity. Some music out there is excellent, some good, but the majority is terrible. As a music fan you have to sift through a lot of terrible music to get to the excellent stuff. The point is, just because more people are doing it, doesn’t mean they’re any good.

So as a music producer I work from the premise that my current best is not my absolute best. This attitude keeps me pushing towards excellence, which produces quality. So you as a music fan are getting the best possible music.

BG: What artists should we be listening to?
EL: I’m bias so I’d say listen out for Be Major Music artists like teenage pop singer Terrina (15 years old), Caitlin Beaton, and Davy Sage. Outside of that I’d say watch out for Scott Richmond, he is a Saskatchewan Folk artist, his current Album Come What May is road trip music. See him live when you can. Also listen to Megan Nash and Tenille Arts, both of whom are Saskatchewan artists with the hunger to succeed.

BG: We’ve asked this question to a couple artists, but the apocalypse eminent- what show would you love to see or play in?
EL: I’m British, so for me there’s no greater music pleasure than to play Wembley Stadium in London and greet an audience in those immortal words “Hello Wembley”. That would be a career dream.

BG: What does 2016 look like for Elias Lengé and B Major Music?
EL: 2016 looks like fun, lots of hard work, and growth for Be Major Music. Everything from new single releases, new music videos, radio airplay, live shows, and perhaps even charting are on the cards this year. Stay tuned at

BG: If you were to become a super hero, which one would you be, and why?
EL: If you’ll allow me to geek out for a moment; I would be “Morph” of the X-men cartoon series. He isn’t widely known but his super power was to mimic anyone’s superpowers.  He could alter his physical appearance and be The Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, and anybody else for that matter. That’s the super hero I’d be – experience a little bit of everything.

BG:  What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
EL: I don’t embarrass easy, so it takes something noteworthy to make the blood rush to my face. But there was one instance, where being the gentleman that I am, I tried to help by pulling a piece of lint off a woman’s face during our conversation. It was only when I had stretched it far enough that I realized it was facial hair. At that point, I had two options; pluck it or leave it be. I left it. That was a little embarrassing.


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