Lazy Bones Knits

My name is Alyssa, I’m 24 and I’m the sole knitter behind Lazybones Knits. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan and currently live in Regina, so I’ve definitely dealt with some cold Canadian winters. I’m one of those people who is always freezing from the inside out, spending all winter constantly wrapped in a blanket with fingers that feel like icicles. So naturally I’ve taken to draping myself in chunky wool. I’m also one of those people who sees something made by hand, and automatically thinks “I could probably make that”. I kept buying knit scarves from big box stores, and they were never exactly what I wanted. So about three years ago I bought some random knitting needles, sat myself down in front of YouTube, and slowly figured it out. I’m totally a self-taught knitter. The first few (dozen) things I made were definitely not so pretty. But you don’t get better at anything if you don’t keep at it. I’m a self-motivated learner and introvert. I would rather spend years figuring out a craft on my own than have to take a class to learn or ask a stranger for help. I think it’s more rewarding that way when I finally do figure it out.

Once I was confident in my scarf-making abilities and had perfected what I thought was a perfect, cozy scarf, I started posting the odd picture to Instagram. I started getting asked to make them for other people, and of course I was thrilled. I love knitting because it allows me to be lazy and cozy on my couch for hours at a time, but still feel productive and not completely useless. And the fact that other people are into the things I create always gets me stoked. Being able to do the hobbies you love and have the finished product essentially pay for the supplies is probably the best cycle in the whole world in my mind. Eventually I started figuring out other things that I wanted to make, like toques, headbands, and gloves.

I sold knitting all through the winter of 2014. It wasn’t until just this winter that I decided to create more of a professional vibe for my pieces and come up with a brand. Lazybones Knits was made. I actually drew the logo before I made the name; I knew I wanted a skull because I like to think my knitting isn’t Grandma’s old slippers and dishcloths. Plus, as a full-time tattoo artist, I just love skulls (obviously). Lazybones made sense because essentially that’s what I am when I go into knitting mode. Coffee or tea, Netflix, my needles, and yarn. That’s it.

The other motivation for my brand was that some friends of mine were opening their own boutique in Regina and wanted to sell my stuff. I was ecstatic! It would be my first wholesale order, and I definitely wanted my pieces to feel “store worthy”. It definitely pushed me to pay even more attention to every detail of my knitting from having consistent products, to obsessively weaving in ends and pulling cat hair out of the stitches (the struggle), to having individual wooden tags made, and retail tags as well. I hold myself to a pretty high standard when I know my work is going to a customer, as I think every good maker does. But it was all worth it and the boutique is now open! They are called Mortise and Tenon, and they are at 2421 11th Ave, downtown Regina SK. They support a ton of local brands and crafters, and the owners are awesome people who deserve to be supported!

Although I love that my knitting is being sold in retail, my favourite thing is coming up with custom creations that people dream up. From hooded scarves to custom sets for photo shoots, newborn photography props, newborn pumpkin hats, whatever my customers can dream up, I will try to make. I love trying to make things I’ve never tried before, and my customers give me the inspiration. I love grabbing a fresh skein of yarn and my needles, grabbing some coffee or tea or sometimes a beer, and cozying up on my side of the sectional with my faux fur blanket (and usually one or two more), with my fiancé on the other side, my two cats on my legs, and a movie on, or his video games and my laptop, and just making something. It’s relaxing, it’s satisfying, and I can’t stop, won’t stop.

image6This is my corner of the living room where I typically do most of my knitting. In fact, I’m sitting here right now. I’m also a bit of a succulent hoarder. The Hot Wheelz cars are my fiance’s contribution to the home decor.

This is my knitting corner of my craft room. I keep track of my orders on the white board. I’m a pretty organized, tidy type of person most of the time. The box on the floor is my scrap yarn stash… I always tell myself I won’t buy more yarn until this corner is empty. But then Michael’s has a sale and I’m hooped.


. Alyssa .

Alyssa is the founder and sole knitter at Lazy Bones Knitwear. Her products can be purchased in Regina at Mortise and Tenon  or by contacting her directly at lazybones We promise you will feel a tiny bit cozier when you check out Lazy Bones Knits’ Instagram account, filled with pictures of Alyssa’s handcrafted classic and custom creations. 

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