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Crave is part of the fabric of Regina Downtown that is woven together by potential. Our business is symbiotic with other restaurants in particular as well as the Hoteliers and Companies who reside downtown. Our vision to be a part of something connected is taking shape with the addition of so many new restaurants in the last few months. Residents and visitors to our City now have the option of entering downtown and progressively visit 3-4 places in an evening.

It’s difficult for me to believe that our business has been downtown for almost 10 yrs. I’ve been working on this project since February 2006 and we’ve been active since June of that same year. Crave is no longer the new choice for Regina diners. Rather now, we are a more experienced selection realized through a greater sense of our own self-identity. Crave has built its food philosophy around the best quality and local ingredients we can source while trying to remain accessible to our clients.

At the start of every year, restaurants in our city not only battle a colder climate, but face individual resolutions and budget constraints. Times like these call for innovation and collaboration in order to generate some activity. Beginning on January 27th and running through February 10th, a new initiative called Dine Out Downtown has been created by the RDBID. Along with 10 other participating restaurants, Regina Downtown is using a template from major centers across North America to generate some traffic during typically slow periods. The objective is to showcase our individual products and philosophy to guests who might not typically frequent downtown while working with other restaurants to show our connections and all of the various options available.

Crave staff genuinely love creating items for people and assisting them to be transported through food + drink. We do this every day here at the restaurant, but we feel, too often, guests come in pre-determined. Sometimes our menu is judged to be too eclectic. People want default items such as burgers or flatbreads (We love a great burger, too!). However, in my mind, the decisions and creativity our staff make to build our daily features is the way to go when dining at Crave. An initiative like Dine Out Downtown has the potential to have guests give up the controls and allow us to guide them. This is exciting to our company

Prix-fixe (“fixed price”) menus allow guests to experience a restaurant through the lens which they see themselves. Great three course selection and great value of $35 will run over a two week span in order for people to utilize this opportunity multiple times. Dine Out is a chance to choose local and independent businesses and share with friends by choosing to go out for mid-winter comradery and share an experience. Restaurants ask each patron to set aside choice, and just come downtown to be guided through a meal. Groups choose their locations and the Restaurants act as the conduit to an evening of discovery. Using Social Media to track the evening will also generate buzz for others to come down and share in the experience.

We hope to see a ton of traffic during the two week span at all downtown venues. In 2016, we urge you to connect with friends and businesses alike.

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Craig Perrault it the Managing Partner at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar. Pop downtown over the next two weeks to say hi and ask for his daily recommendations – he will make you feel like a regular the second you walk in. Follow crave on twitter and  Facebook for a peak at daily creations and visit their website to plan you visit!

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