Mama Needs Wine – Vol 3


Hey Gang! Have I told you yet I’m married to a chef? …. Before you start cheering and thinking “wow she probably never has to cook and eats amazing meals all the time,” let me assure you the life of a chef’s wife is not the always bees knees. Let’s just say he’s lucky I fell in love with him while I was young and impressionable ‘cause had I known I would be coined a ‘restaurant widow’ I might have tried harder to resist his incredible charm, dashing good looks, and school girl giggle. However, what he lacks in quantity of time he makes up for in quality and never hesitates to cook a stellar meal for our little family. Though, this does mean I’m forever ruined from enjoying the average home cooking, yes mom this includes you.

Nudge to the Bottle

The other night, all the stars aligned – the kids went to bed like a breeze, hubby was home and cooking up a storm, and I actually had enough energy to stay up past 8 pm! So, I thought, what a great way to celebrate a relatively seamless day in parenting world… Mama needs wine.

Hubby was cooking my some of my favourite eats lately – sirloin steak sliced nice and thin and seasoned perfectly, roasted broccoli with fresh parm, and a celery radicchio salad that is out of this world. I reached into our ‘cellar’ and grabbed the first thing I saw: Illuminati Riparosso Montapulciano. Listen, if you’ve never tasted this wine before go to the liquor store RIGHT NOW and grab a bottle. This little gem is an amazing food wine; pair it with steak and veggies, with pasta, pizza, roast chicken… anything with an Italian flair will marry well to this beauty.

The Nitty Gritty

If you ask me, the Italians do food and wine the best of any place on the planet and the Riparosso is no exception. Located in central Italy this family vineyard prides itself on quality. They are blessed with a perfect terrior, rolling hills, and exceptional soils, but do their part as well – cropping at low levels (this means concentrated berries with great fruit expression), and barrel aging before bottling.

Although priced at only $15.98 per bottle this wine packs a punch. Smooth, yet grippy, structured, bold fruit character, and balancing acidity. This wine is just plain fun – one minute you’ll taste it and think “so smooth”, the next “so spicy”, then “great fruit”, next “so earthy”… it will go on and on and change depending on what you’re eating. A party in your mouth, this wine won’t disappoint… it’s definitely Mama approved!

The Illuminati Riparosso is available at all SLGA store and SHOULD be poured by-the-glass at every restaurant in the city… but unfortunately isn’t!

SKU: 16356

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