Meet Taron Cochrane

Photo Courtesy of Jared Robinson of Nebulus Entertainment

BG: In your own words; Who is Taron Cochrane?

TC: Oh wow! The hardest question straight out of the gate, haha.  First and foremost I’m a Father and a Husband.  Outside of those responsibilities, I’m an obsessive-compulsive music lover who grew up in Strasbourg, Saskatchewan (Power right wing for the Strasbourg Maroons – Most Sportsmanlike Player in 87, 88 and 89).  My musical passions have always revolved around everything from polka to punk, country to Celtic and everything in between.  My career to date has revolved around marketing, communications, media relations and the music industry while also including lots of volunteer work in the community and a very strong dedication to the Saskatchewan music scene.

BG: Tell us about Taron Cochrane Entertainment?

TC: For over the past five years, I’ve worked several day jobs while also dedicating a majority of my free time to promoting and celebrating everything I’m passionate about.  From the local music scene, to community-minded initiatives and everything in between.  There have been many late nights and early starts and it started to feel like I was living two lives.  I’m not much of a risk taker so when my supportive wife started encouraging me to dedicate all of my time to following my dreams I knew it was time to give it all I’ve got.

Taron Cochrane Entertainment provides social media consulting and management, freelance writing services, online promotion and publicity, event promotion, media relations and public speaking services while also providing artists/musicians with guidance and advice on finding success in the music industry.  The company has been going strong since mid-November and to date it’s been extremely fun.  My first client was the legendary Irish Rovers who had asked me to take over their social media to help promote their 50th Anniversary tour throughout Ontario (the place where there career first started when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau asked them to become Canadian citizens to represent our country at several World Expos).

Locally, I’ve been fortunate to help metal trio League of One, pop rock super group Desert Island Classic and Esterhazy singer-songwriter Katie Miller find success online and off.  Everything from front page newspaper debuts and first-time appearances on local television and radio, to creating successful social media strategies and strong press kits. You can check out these three acts out at the TCE Launch Party on January 15 at McNally’s -details here

Currently I’ve been working with fantastic pop group, Queen Cities, am helping Global Regina Morning News book guests for their weekly ‘Musical Mondays’ segments, wrote a blog for SaskTel (and am currently writing one for Tourism Regina) and started the year off by co-hosting a special edition of the CBC Saskatchewan Afternoon Edition where we shared some of the notable Saskatchewan music of 2015 and suggested artists/music to keep your ears on in 2016.  This is all off the top of my head really.  There are always several things on the go at all times.  It’s been amazing ride so far and I’m looking forward to what the future holds!

BG: Why have you focused your time on supporting local music?

TC: To this day, it still is shocking to me how much amazing music is being made right here in my own backyard by my friends, neighbours and the people I respect.  The quality of the music from Saskatchewan based musicians is truly second to none.  When you pull back the curtain, you really start to see that there is an unbelievable amount of talented people working very hard towards making great music and I think that needs to be shared with as many people as humanly possible.  While I’m obviously inspired by local legends such as the King of The Scene Jeff ‘Redbeard’ Corbett and Christopher Mercer of, years ago I recognized that there’s a need for flag wavers and local music ambassadors.  Musicians have enough to worry about besides self-promotion, so if I can do my part to help I’m certainly more than happy to.

BG: What makes Regina special to you?

TC: Once you start to learn more about the history and progress of the Queen City it really is quite fascinating.  For example, the ground below our feet used to be nothing more than barren, flat land.  The typography and scenery of our City has all been built by the hard work of the people who love it and live here.  Every single tree you see in Regina has been planted by hand and there’s hundreds of thousands of them.  That really speaks to our community and the people who chose to call Regina home.  That’s one of countless reasons I have decided to raise a family and spend my life in Regina.

BG: What local artist should we be listening to right now?

TC: I could probably write an entire blog on this question alone (haha) but to keep it brief and not overwhelm [you], here are two Saskatchewan artists that I think deserve your time and attention.

Young, Speedy Creek Americana-roots artist Colter Wall – With 2015 being his first year as a full-time musician, he has received global praise from an assortment fans including professional wrestlers, Hollywood celebrities and even rock legend, Gene Simmons.  He’s opened for everyone from Steve Earle to Shooter Jennings and I’m fairly certain he’s going to be the next big artist to come out of our province. Check him out performing his unreleased song, “Kate McCannon” for the Original 16 Brewery Sessions.

Regina singer-songwriter Brock Prentice – Commonly recognized as the front man for Queen City pop rock super group, Desert Island Classic – Brock’s solo music is absolutely beautiful.  Don’t let his towering stature and neck tattoos fool you, this gentle giant has a gift for crafting a memorable falsetto fuelled acoustic song.

Check out his debut album, ‘Sleepwalker’ and latest single, ‘All I Need’ on his CBC Music page 

ALL available for FREE download on his Bandcamp page.

BG: What is the future looking like for our local music scene?

TC: What has always stood out for me in our music scene is the camaraderie and strong support everyone gives to each other.  There’s no competition, just a clear understanding that we all benefits from each other’s successes.  It’s really quite amazing to witness first-hand.  In 2016, I feel that we’re going to see many more collaborations.  Everything from artists appearing on each other’s recordings, to more artists touring and sharing the stage together.  It’ll be a great year for the local music scene and I’m very eager to watch it all progress!

BG: For better or worse, how has social media changed the music industry?

TC: As someone who obsessively watched VHS recordings of music videos I loved and made cassette mix tapes featuring all of my favourite bands, I know what it was like before the Internet changed the World.  Although I’m continuously blown away that everything I’d ever want to learn, watch and listen to can now be found in a cell in my pocket, unfortunately social media has also made us extremely lazy.  There’s much less thought being into how to effectively reach audiences and more time mass creating content with the hopes that someone will share it.  These days it’s a thousand times easier for artists to share their music everywhere and anywhere within minutes but that has also made it much harder for artists to get their voices heard.  As a listener, it can be overwhelming to go on social media and have hundreds of bands/musicians vying for your time.  Musicians really need to find the most efficient and creative ways to use social media to their advantage.  If you’re not comfortable with it to begin with that can be extremely hard.  Especially when it’s near the bottom of a long list of the countless things a musician needs to do to further their career.

BG: What does Taron Cochrane eat for lunch?

TC: Usually after a 17KM run I sit down and enjoy some free-range chicken, kale chips, non-homogenized milk and several gluten free options. Haha, kidding of course.  There are many days where I either forget to eat lunch or do it on the run.  Anything in a can, box or from a drive-thru window will usually suffice.  I’m extremely fortunate to have married an unbelievable cook so if there are ever leftovers in the fridge – that’s usually the best case scenario.

BG: Tell us a secret?

TC: Although my thick glasses and appearance would have you believe otherwise, I’ve never seen all of the Star Wars movies. Also, I’ve never taken a picture of what I was eating.



. Taron Cochrane .

A prolific advocate for music in our region, Taron has been recognized by numerous publications for his work. He was recently named to the CBC Future 40- leaders, success stories and change makers in Saskatchewan under the age of 40. If you would be interested in working with Taron or learning more about TCE contact him through his website

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