Presto Farm Inc.

We are a small family-run farm that was formed over 100 years ago. Over the years the farm has endured challenging times and prosperous times, shaping it into what it is today. With drastic increases in the cost of machinery and overhead, small family farms are relatively non-existent today.  Farming has primarily become a game for large players.

With just 480 acres, we consider ourselves the small guys on the block. But man do we still have big dreams! We continue to get things done with old school machinery because we love the idea of small farms focusing on quality and care, rather than quantity and speed. Saskatchewanians want to fully understand where their food comes from and are great supporters of their local producers. We want to be a part of this movement within Saskatchewan and provide transparency about our growing process.

We are not organic, however we are ethical growers, we treat the land with care, and utilize old school practices that some large farmers have long forgotten. We disc, cultivate, and rodweed to reduce our spraying needs and believe our hard work and passion truly come through in the quality of our product. We want our consumers to be able to be a part of what we do and see the process from start to finish. Seeing the troubles along with the successes builds appreciation for our food!

. Andrew Perrault .

Andrew Perrault runs Presto Farm Inc. with his father, Preston. Presto Farm Inc. products are available for purchase through Local and Fresh or can be purchased directly from Andrew by contacting him on Facebook or Instagram

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