Mama Needs Wine – The Holiday Edition

Back for round two!? Good! ‘Cause boy do I have a wine to talk about this time.

I’ve just survived the holiday season and it was a great one… a whirlwind, but great. We always say we look forward to relaxing over the holidays but does anyone ever really relax? This year my form of relaxation was trying to smash some wine and baking in between diaper changes, “shhh’s”, and keeping track of the zillions of gifts each kid received and from who. You might ask, “Where was your husband? Surely he was around to help”. . . He was helping alright, helping mix himself a drink and play cards at the adult table.

Nudge to the bottle

Aside from the aforementioned reasons to drink, today’s nudge – my grandfather yelling at my cousins and I to get – and keep –  the kids (aged two months to five years) quiet for a 10 minute long grace. It’s moments like these I laugh and reach for the glass in front of me, because Mama Needs Wine!

With the incredible variety of delicacies to nosh on over Christmas it’s important to choose a wine with great adaptability. You might think it would be challenging to find a wine that pairs well with a number of dishes at once, but this year I lucked out! Christmas Eve we had a beautifully cooked ham . . . probably the best ham yet, and on Boxing day our staple Swedish dishes of Lefse and Krub. So this Christmas I made sure to cart around Quails Gate Chenin Blanc. This wine is seriously one of my faves regardless of the occasion. But particularly over the holidays it paired amazing with all the salty, rich, creamy foods – I was in heaven!

The Nitty Gritty

Quails Gate Winery is located in West Bank, part of the Okanagan Valley in BC. As one of the biggest and oldest wineries in the region it’s been family owned and operated from the start. They focus on producing top quality Old Vines Foch and Pinot Noir, but they also make a killer Chenin Blanc. It’s definitely something to write home about. Crisp, steely, tons of minerality and citrus, and a great pairing for just about anything.. except steak – but that’s what you have the Catena Malbec for!

Pick up a bottle of the Chenin Blanc by Quails Gate today – you won’t be disappointed.

Quails Gate Chenin Blanc is available at all SLGA Liquor Stores for $19.99 (SKU 5949)

. Leah Reid .

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