Desert Island Classic Album Release

Recently, the BG joined up with drummer Mark Ennis from Desert Island Classic to chat music, Regina, and their new album.

BG: When and where did you start playing music?
ME:  I think like many kids, I had big interest in the electric guitar. It was always such a cool instrument. They looked beautiful and everyone playing them always looked like a rockstar. I believe I finally got my own when I was around 12 years old. I have memories of sitting in my bedroom and playing CDs over and over again until I could figure out how to play the guitar parts. It was tons of fun and I like to think it trained my ears pretty well for music.  Then when I was 15 years old, a good friend of mine (who was a drummer) told me that I should get into drumming and that he thought I could do pretty well at it. As soon as I gave it a serious shot, I knew it was for me. It just came to me so much more naturally than anything else. I think it was around a year later and I was picked up to be the drummer in the high school funk band. That taught me a lot about how to play with other musicians (because there was 11 of us in that band alone) and how to be the backbone, the drummer’s most important job. From then on, I continued to jump in and out of local bands with friends I met over the years, playing everything from heavy metal to folk and now here I am today playing with some great guys in Desert Island Classic.

BG: Where do you gain inspiration? Or does that question sound redundant?
ME: Haha my answer may be more redundant than the question! As far as musical inspiration goes, I just try to listen to as much as possible. I don’t limit myself to any genre or specific types of music. The thing with music is that there’s just so much of it, you can never learn it all, but I want to pick up as much as I can from as many places as I can.

BG: Tell us about the bands new album.
ME: This thing has been a long time coming. We basically started working on it the moment we formed the band in the summer of 2014. By January 2015 we decided we were ready to head into the studio and record around six songs we had written over the fall. Next thing we knew, we had a 10 track full length album down by the end of the month. Here we are, almost a year later, and it’s finally about to hit everyone’s ears. It’s very exciting to think people are finally going to hear what we’ve had sitting in our back pockets for most of 2015.

BG: What do you think about Regina’s music scene?
ME: Regina’s music scene has always been an interesting one to me because it seems to always be changing. Like many people my age in this city, I grew up going to packed punk rock and metal shows at The Exchange. I think that was the big scene back in my early high school days. Then as I got older, it began to shift into a large Indy rock type scene. We had a lot of great local artists that came out of that as well. Now, I think the Regina music scene is better than ever. It’s a lot more diversified and filled with a ton of great acts that aren’t all just stuck in the same genre. There’s a ton of talent here right now.

BG: What is the best thing about being a musician?
ME: We get to play music! The great thing about it is that there’s no right or wrong. Anyone can do it anyway they want to. It’s such a great personal expression and it’s always changing.
BG: What is the worst thing about being a musician?
ME: I think that now because there seems to be more bands than ever before, and with technology it’s so much easier to make a great sounding record (many great ones have been recorded in parent’s basements) it’s so hard to stand out or be noticed.
BG Quick Fire
Favourite place to see a show in Regina? Conexus Arts Centre — sounds so good in there!
Best place to grab a beer in Regina? Victoria’s Tavern
Favourite new band? Been really digging the new Paper Kites album
Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Beatles
Favourite Instagram account? @dwdrums
Favourite instrument to play? Drums, of course!

Desert Island Classic is celebrating the release of their new album with their Album Release Listening Party at Victorias Tavern this Sunday December 20 and their official Album Release Party Tuesday, December 22 at the Exchange.

For more details and the latest on Desert Island Classic, connect with them on Facebook or their website.

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