Second Hand Social

Have you ever looked through your wardrobe and thought, “this is ridiculous”? Hundreds of clothing items and nothing to wear. Our wardrobe can get stagnant and uninspiring. Maybe things just do not fit the way they used to or maybe you bought something and realized it was just not your steez.

But that $200 Free People dress is haunting you with the realization that it has been sitting in your closet with the price tag still on for 2 years. Unworn, sad, and yearning to be flaunted. Or maybe as the transition into Dad Bod has left you with five pairs of nice Levi’s that won’t button up!

These situations are exactly what sparked the idea for the Second Hand Social. Everyone can probably agree that we tend to overindulge in the wardrobe department. This event is perfect for those who are ready to purge the closet.

Rent a table for $20 or share with a friend and set it up as uniquely as you would like. Located in the stage room at O’Hanlons Pub, we hold the Socials once every 3-4 weeks on Saturday afternoons! Price pieces out, barter, or swap!

O’Hanlon’s features a delicious Breakfast & Pint for $10.50 every Saturday and Sunday and also serve full menu and snacks. And best yet, we feature Social cocktails specially mixed up for the event! Who doesn’t agree that cocktails make shopping more fun?

The Hat Farm has been a prominent part of our Social the last few events. A product of Carmichael Outreach, vintage hats are sold and proceeds go directly to the program. We also offer an option to donate any left over items to the Women’s Shelter at the YWCA!

December 19th from 11:00-4:00pm at O’Hanlons Pub, the Second Hand Social is in effect! We have a live DJ and some fun board games for the holidays. Come hang out with us! It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon sipping, shopping, and socializing.

Want to be a seller at our next event? Message us on Facebook!

Social Media:

Hat Farm instagram: @thehatfarm

Second Hand Social instagram: @secondhandsocialyqr
Facebook: click here

. Mackenzie Bulych .


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