Mama Needs Wine

As a busy mother of two who has grown up in the restaurant and wine industry, a good glass of wine is part of a balanced day… and sometimes more necessity than guilty pleasure.

At least once a day something will happen that makes me think “Mama Needs Wine”. It could be a husband who just tossed his dirty socks in the middle of the clean living room, a 4 year-old who I found hiding in her room eating play-doh, or a little one-month-old who peed all over the clean dishes in the kitchen sink next to his tub.

Today’s Nudge to the Bottle

So tonight, after entertaining the visiting in-laws all day, a rushed pizza dinner out, bath time for both kids, and helping “Clive” our elf-on-the-shelf find his new home for tomorrow morning… mama needs wine!

I ended up pairing the new episode of Criminal Minds with a delicious glass of Catena Malbec.

The Nitty Gritty

Y’all love Malbec… it’s one of the most popular red varietals pulled from liquor store shelves. But this isn’t your ordinary Malbec. This Malbec is special – only the best for this Mama! The Catena family has been growing Malbec in Argentina since 1902. The founder, Nicholas Catena, is known as the Malbec Pioneer because he was the first winemaker in Argentina to plant the Malbec grape with a plan to produce it as a single varietal. Catena grows their Malbec in the high altitude of the Andes – this produces a Malbec with lovely balanced acidity vs. it’s over extracted valley floor counterparts. For me, balance is the most important characteristic in a wine, and Catena Malbec definitely has balance. Its beautiful rich fruit character, silky tannins, and refreshing acidity definitely quench my thirst – well… it’s either that or the 14.5% alcohol that’s helping mama chill. With each sip this wine tastes more and more like dancing a sexy tango with Antonio Banderas (I know, I know… he’s Spanish… but its the best I could do)!

Regardless of its purpose, I’d argue this is one of the best Malbec’s currently in the market, and has a great price to match, $23.98.

Catena Malbec is available at all SLGA Liquor Stores. It’s also poured by-the-glass at Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar.

SKU: 8458

. Leah Reid .


Leah Reid worked two years at the Willow on Wascana prior to moving to Vancouver where she worked in some of the top fine dining restaurants in the city including Cin Cin, Il Giardino, and db Bistro. She then worked for Trialto Wine Group, a wine import agency focused on the wines of People, Place, and Time. Leah has studied with the International Sommelier Guild, and continues to ‘study’ new and exciting wines each week.

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