Q&A With Danielle Tocker

BG: When did you know you were passionate about photography?
DT: It’s hard to say. I toted my Polaroid and 35mm cameras everywhere when I was in high school, but I suppose the defining time would have been when I left my 9-6 desk job to pursue it full time.

BG: What inspires you?
DT: Shadows, the outdoors and people who work with their hands.

BG: What are your favourite things to photograph?
DT: Food, children and shadows.

BG: Is there a particular photo or photoshoot that sticks out in your mind?
DT: This portrait I took of my Grandma on her 85th birthday. She passed away the following year, so this photo is a treasure to me. I photographed her a lot with my iPhone. She would always laugh or say “what are you taking a picture of that for?” Hilarious!

BG: What is the craziest thing you have done to snap a perfect photo?DT: Nothing seems crazy when I am trying to get the shot I want to make. I recentley stood in front of 200 hungry sheep that were rushing towards me to get some feed. One bumped into me real good and those guys aren’t small!

BG: If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing?
DT: I’ve always had entrepreneurial spirit, so I hope I would be working for myself or for someone whose project I believed in.

BG: What are your favourite photography blogs or Instagram accounts? 

Jessica Comingore – she’s a do-all creative living in LA. Her Instagram and Blog are top notch.

Herriott Grace
 – a Canadian father-daughter company making artisan goods. Nikole & Michael’s photography is gorgeous and simple. The For the Love of Pie series is my favourite.Olivia Rae James – I’ve been following this Charleston photographer for a long time. I love her use of light and shadows. Gorgeous!

Ben Sasso – Ben is a talented photographer and a great teacher. He values community over competition.

Sprouted Kitchen – I love the images Hugh Forte makes and Sara’s delicious brownie recipe.


Danielle Tocker is a photographer living and working in Regina, SK. Pop by her site to learn more about her work!

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