The Backyard

I wanted to feed my friends. I wanted to feed them well.

The Backyard was born out of a desire to show what could be done with local ingredients. I made an effort to combine my experiences of “healthy food” – organic, fresh, real food- with the dedication and perfectionism that the refined sugar world taught me.

And so it began: meeting with local farmers, cooking their products, re-interpreting my memories of nana’s cooking, those flavours and feelings of home, all the restaurants I have been a part of.

We put up a menu, served a four course meal in our backyard, made believers out of our friends, and more importantly, ourselves. We made it our mission to support organic small-scale producers, as we believe those who grow our food are shaping the world around us.

Moving forward has not been easy and has only been possible due to the amazing staff and the handful of collaborators that believe in us. As far as 2015 has taken us, we are still at the very beginning. We believe Saskatchewan has an emerging culinary revolution on its hands- we are here to be a part of it.

. Mariana Brito .

Mariana Brito is the founder of the Backyard, a pop-up restaurant focused on local ingredients and Mexican flavors. The Backyard has been operating for 18 months and is about to finish it’s 2015 season on October 17th. The Backyard is looking for a home for 2016. Brito and her team are interested developing a sustainable restaurant and focusing on education & supporting small-scale farmers.

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