Glow Juicery, Regina

Our goal is to bring inspiration and motivation to every person wanting to feel empowered about what they put into their body. Food is medicine, Food is fuel.

What if we stopped worrying about the calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in chemical-filled processed foods? What if we started to evaluate how readily available these nutrients are to our bodies… how they are absorbed, transformed and used to create energy? Stopped reading the side of a carton and  assessing the value of a food chemical we can’t pronounce, and how many grams of each element we were going to allow ourselves to have each day. By confidently choosing the most natural, nutrient rich food sources available, we could then focus on achieving a sense of wellness, of fullness and true health.

When faced with a sea of toxic options, we see Glow Juicery as a beacon for change. A healthy, fresh, convenient choice that delivers immediate energy, detoxifies the body, and rejuvenates the mind. A place our clients can turn to – through allergies, food intolerances, health concerns or just a general desire to live  better and with more energy than they thought possible. Glow Juicery is for anyone who wants to eat well, live well and enjoy life to its fullest!

In nature, cleansing is a natural process for our bodies. Cleansing can happen when we get sick, while we sleep or when we sweat during a workout. These are very mild ways for our bodies to detox. When we begin to notice blemishes, body odor, bloating or fatigue, this is our bodies’ way of telling us we need to give ourselves a break.

Juice cleanses are an excellent way for people to detox while still receiving an adequate amount of  nutrients. Because the insoluble fibre is removed from juices, our bodies soak up the nutrients within 15 minutes of drinking them. Once the nutrients enter our bloodstream the cleansing process begins by flushing out toxic build up! Giving our bodies a break from digesting processed foods will help us to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a clearer mind.

Glow Juicery is community-oriented organization focusing on developing important relationship with local businesses and finding ways to make a positive impact on local communities. Glow Juicery helps clients to reconnect in a healthy and sustainable way.  Glow juicery assists client with change – changing the way they think about food, changing the way they think about fitness, changing the way they fuel their body.

. Leslie Genoway .

Leslie Genoway is the Owner of Glow Juicery Regina and LG Fitness. Glow Juicery’s store front is expected to open within the next few months in the Gardner Park strip mall on University Park Drive. In the meantime, Glow juices can be purchase from LG Fitness Atlantis Coffee, Brewed Awakening Coffee House, Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio, Sprout Catering and Yoga Mala. Look for Leslie and her team around town at various local fitness events and expos! 

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